Представительство Компании «Abba Pharma Limited» /Абба ФармаЛимитед/ 


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Представительство Компании «Abba Pharma Limited» /Абба ФармаЛимитед/ 

We have created Natures Only Inc  mark globally by creating a market, standing on development and application studies. Our presence can be felt strongly in the globalized market for our innovation dynamics and steady growth. We have our roots extended to the following business units delivering high quality products

As a company we have extracted best from nature pool with the merits of organic chemistry to deliver maximum value to the customers towards skin health, hair-care, cosmetics and general well-being. Filling the gaps in delivering high performance products, we have made our presence felt in 30 countries with products and support services.

We have a well-determined and motivated team who develop all types of dosage form viz. tablets, capsules, cream, gels and powder formulations. We make over 400 products, all of which adhere to the strict requirements and Good Manufacturing Practices of European Union GMP. By maintaining strict control over our raw materials and processes, we are able to produce goods that are of the highest quality in the industry.

From concept to logistics, our product development capability and global market knowledge gives us a long-term sustainable advantage. We continue to strive to improve our regulatory knowledge in key markets. Most of our products have been registered and a few are under registration in over 30 countries.